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    Golf Tee Times in Nashville, Tennessee

Mark Wickenden

by Q: Problem with left elbow....

Q: My problem is getting my swing too long, my left elbow is breaking down how do I address this?   - Allen McKinley

A: The left elbow breaking down at the top of the backswing is usually the result of picking the club up with the arms and not coiling the shoulders properly during the backswing. Practice coiling the left shoulder over your right knee in the backswing and focus on keeping your hands to the side of your head at the top of the backswing i.e. do not let your hands rotate behind your head. Practice in front of a mirror to get a 'feel' for how far back the club is going, but an improved torso rotation should help your left arm extended.
- Mark Wickenden, Head Pro, Formely at Cobblestone GC

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