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John Crumbley

by Q: Problem hitting long irons

Q: Hey guys, I hit my short (6-P) irons really good however, I have a hell of a time hitting my long (2-5) irons with any consistency. I can hit a fade or a draw with my short irons but all hit with my long irons is a low pull-hook and I don't make solid contact. What may be causing this. I am 5' 6'' and barrel chested, I have been told that I have an excellent "looking" swing for an amateur. I am a 16 handicap but sometimes play to a 9-10 when I hit my long irons decent. My normal ball flight is a fade but I have been working on hitting a draw consistently. However, this problem was there prior to me re-working my swing from a fade to a draw. This really hurts my scoring chances.    - Anonymous

A: This is not an uncommon problem for many golfers. Just look at the popularity of the high lofted and low profile fairway woods. But I have two things for you to look at that should help. First the problem you describe can be a symptom of the lie angle on your irons being too flat (toe lower than the heal at impact). When a golfers irons are too flat he will need to close the club face at impact to hit the shot straight. When he closes the club face to hit it straight he will be delofting the club and it will be difficult to get the long irons up in the air. You should have a local PGA Professional check you lie angles and have them adjusted. Second potential problem may come from your body type. You said you are "barrel chested". Men with large or rounded chest find it difficult to deliver the club to the ball from the inside because there chest push the left arm out toward the target line early in the down swing. This results in too steep of a down swing plain or "coming over the top". Since we can not do anything about your genetics, I suggest you try pulling your right foot back from square a little (close your stance). This will allow for the "over the top" move and allow you to deliver the club on plain to the ball. Of course the best thing to take a lesson with a PGA Professional, you might be surprised what we can do.
- John Crumbley, Head Pro, Formely @ Towne Lake Hills GC

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