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Sandy Leach

by Q: Curing the slice

Q: I'm a high handicapper (26) and playing for about 5 years. I've always had a slice on my ball. It's not a total slice but more like a tail slice but more than a fade. My right hand grip does not close down on my left and my thumb position is behind the club instead of over my left hand thumb which early on helped my feel as though I'd get under the ball as I had a tendency to either top or scull the ball on contact. This allowed me to at least make contact and get the ball up. Now I want to improve my swing and know that I should grip down more and following golf TV show advice I want to have two "V's" pointed at my left shoulder. I've tried it a few times but I just seem to simply yank the ball left (I'm a righty).

Any suggestions? Open the clubface? Watch my swing plane?   - Thanks, J.E. Lee

A: J.E.,
It sounds like you are working hard at improving that grip. Here are some suggestions that should help you to attain the level of play that you are looking for.

1. Your left hand is the important hand. Make sure that the back of your left hand is facing your target at address. A good way to check your grip is to shake hands with the grip. Extend your left hand as if you were shaking my hand and then put the grip of the club in your left hand. Now allow the hand to softly wrap around the grip.

2. Your right hand has become very dominate. With your hand underneath the club it has given you a very powerful feeling. The right hand will most likely attempt to hit the ball with it being this powerful. Lets put the grip of the club in your fingers and then wrap the hand over the left. After you have interlocked or overlapped your right hand pinky with the index of the left hand you should feel a very powerless right hand. If you open your right hand the grip of the club should be in your fingers of your right hand. Your thumb should then just fold over onto the left center of the grip in relation to the shaft.

3. You should only feel pressure on the grip with the last three fingers of your left hand and the middle two finger of your right hand. Both of your palms should now be facing each other. Your right hand now is in a better position to hit the ball. Do not allow your hands to hit the ball, there primary responsibility is to hold onto the club. Both V's should now be pointing towards your left shoulder.

Remember a good grip is the one that allows you to hit the most good shots. Good luck in feeling the correct grip. I hope these suggestions will help.
- Sandy Leach, Head Pro, formely @ Marietta CC

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