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    Golf Tee Times in Nashville, Tennessee

Mark Wickenden

by Q: Having a problem pulling the ball

I have a tendency to pull the ball as a hitter in baseball would pull down the left field line. The ball flies straight, just left. Without seeing my swing, do you think you can give me a tip about what I might be doing wrong?   - Elliott Jordan

      Chances are this shot is a result of insufficient coiling in your backswing - if the backswing is made with too much arm lift, you will not have transferred enough weight into your right side, and the resulting forward swing will tend to be "outside to in" with the upper body lunging past the ball; divots pointing left of the target. To correct this you need to work on coiling your left shoulder over your right knee, which will in turn give you more weight shift into your right side, and with that you should be in a better position at impact with much straighter divots.
- Mark Wickenden, Head Pro, formely @ Cobblestone GC

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